How do we stake our $JADE?

You can stake your JADE by locking them in Mines. Once they have been locked, they will not need to be re-locked at the end of the minimum locking period.

What are the rewards distributed?

Rewards amount to $JADE 32 per block, halved every 3,333,333 blocks (estimated 77 days).

Which options are there to stake $JADE?

Safu Mine

Safu Mine requires staking $JADE tokens. It has a low reward allocation but fully protects from debasement. Its use-case is geared towards long term investors who don't want to worry about debasement.

Liquid Mine

Liquid Mine requires staking LP tokens. It's the staking Mine with the highest rewards, not only in form of $JADE tokens, but also in the form of tickets.

Liquid Mine will distribute 256 Jade Wheel tickets daily valued at $JADE 888 each.

Because Liquid Mine has the most rewards allocated to it and should be the most profitable, Liquid Mine staking has an 8% deposit fee destined towards LP in order to promote a sizeable LP long term.

Smol Mine

Smol Mine requires staking $JADE tokens. It's the vault with the lowest minimum locking period, making it suitable for active holders who would like to often use their tokens to play in JadeRoll's games.

Bunker Mine (WIP)

Bunker Mine requires staking $JADE tokens. Its locking period is dynamic. It starts with a 12h locking period and an initial 88,888 $JADE TVL target. The locking period is doubled upon TVL doubling. If TVL locked hasn't doubled for the past 88 days after the date it gets doubled, minimum locking period is halved.

Bunker Mine will distribute $FU tokens every two weeks.

Must-know details

Early-Withdrawal tax of 0.8% per staking day left destined towards locked LP tokens. Smol Mine can't early-withdraw.

Depositing while there is an existing deposit with its respective locking period will extend the locking period proportionally, and increase it by 8% in order to not incentivize whales to "farm" low locking period spots. Claiming rewards will extend the locking period for an extra 8% of the current remaining locking time.

Rewards will only start to debase after you claim them; they are fully protected until then.

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