Q2 2024:

Jade Wheel Multi-instances Transactionless experience AI based dynamic payout structures Referral system

Q3 2024:

LP taxes removal WETH betting Jade Land Jade Cat Plinko VIP System

Q4 2024:

Jade Eggs Jade Jar VIP System Expansion onto Arbitrum Expansion onto Polygon Expansion onto Binance Chain

Q2 2025:

Permissionless WETH betting pools Revenue Share L1 development start

1. Jade Games

JadeRoll will constantly launch thrilling new games where early and skilled users will be able to turn profitable long term. Our next launch "Jade Land" will be one for the history books where players will be rewarded with shares of the game while creating the biggest jackpot seen in decentralized casinos.

We will be remaking some of the most played and liked games by the crypto community and finetune them to have positive RTPs for players who support the game from the beginning. The following are on our roadmap.

  • Jade Jar

  • Jade Eggs

  • Jade Lotto

  • Jade Cat

2. General Improvements & Updates

General updates to the casino planned for the future:

  • VIP System

  • Personal profile page

  • Referral system

  • Classic games

  • Revenue Share

  • Token Buybacks integrated in RTP

  • Bonuses

  • Chat box

  • Sports betting

  • Prediction games

3. Bankroll Pools

All games will soon have its respective bankroll, and bankrolls will be decentralized through bankroll pools. Anyone will be able to provide liquidity to available bankrolls. Underlying liquidity providers will receive a share of revenue parallel to the bankroll increasing in size.

4. Network Expansion

Jade Casino aims to be available to the widest public possible while maintaining low transaction fees. Our next goal is to launch on Arbitrum.

5. Jaderoll L1

Jaderoll aims to build an unstoppable uncensorable protocol where players can set up their own nodes.

A chain with user built games & apps interfacing with native components.

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