Jade Core Bankroll

What is Jade Core Bankroll or JCB?

JCB is the fund against which players place their bets. It will launch with 311,111,111 tokens ≈ 35% of the total supply. JCB funds can only be accessed by players when participating in our games.

JCB fuels the entire Jade Casino ecosystem which makes sure our players are constantly being rewarded. It's also the only bankroll with which JadeRoll will kickstart.

In JadeRoll our players and community are the main essence. JCB has been created with the player's best interests in mind. We are here for the players to enjoy a thrilling gaming experience and be profitable while doing so!

How will JCB reward players?

Players can capture a share of JCB when they play our games. When a player bets in one of our games, if the RTP is above 100%, JCB will generally decrease and the player will earn $JADE, while if it is below 100% RTP it will increase and the player will lose $JADE. Skilled and early bettors will be able to capture a significant chunk of Jade Core Bankroll by playing our games.

The bigger JCB is, the more rewards players will get. Even if players lose against the bankroll, it will eventually be redistributed back to players and stakers. Epic games and events will be run in which players will capture a share of the bankroll by placing their bets and engaging in our ecosystem.

How will JCB maintain its value if players bet against it with an edge?

JadeRoll has designed a rewards halving system in a way that JCB maintains or increases its value long term. In order to do this Jade Core Bankroll will receive $JADE 32 per block, halved every 3,333,333 blocks (estimated 77 days) and a percentage of Jade Games (current and upcoming) profit.

Part of these rewards can be destined to other areas benefitting players such as Jackpots or special Staking Vaults.

Jade Games are designed in a way that it will be not be as easy for players to capitalize on their positive RTP. Will they be able to handle the heat and hold their bets through risky events, or will they choose to take profits and cash out too early?

How does JCB supply percentage curve look like over time?

It will highly depend on the behavior of our players. Specifically it will depend on the aggression of their bets, the total volume wagered, and the total amount staked in our pools. There's a lot of variables which can't be accurately predicted, however JCB takes such percentage of the total supply while taking per block rewards, that it enough margin to remain healthy over the long term. Here are some graphs that illustrate different scenarios for a 1,000,000 $JADE daily volume bet and 7,500,000 $JADE daily volume bet.

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