🏝️Jade Land

This is a non-final incomplete documentation about JadeLand.

Jade Land is our stellar positive RTP game. An interactive yet simple cooperative game where players purchase squares and receive multiple fast paced rewards.

Jade Land consists of a hexagonal map of 88,209 squares ready to be purchased by players. There are two aspects for the game: Squares & Rewards.


In order to enter the game a player must purchase squares.

  • Genesis Square: Pricing of $JADE 888. It must be purchased to spawn in the game, it is your intial square. Its location is randomized.

  • Adjacent Squares: Pricing of $JADE 888. Can purchase any adjacent square to your already owned squares such as Genesis Square or other Adjacent Squares.

  • (WIP) Adjacent Opponent Squares: Pricing of $JADE 888 + 3888 tax towards LP.

  • (WIP) Lucky Square: Pricing of $JADE 888 + 8888 tax towards LP. Can be used up to 2 times per address. Can choose any location at the map except squares owned by Opponents.

Be wary of other players locking you up and blocking all your adjacent squares! In case a player is locked up he will need to purchase a new Genesis Square (at an increased price) and respawn at a new random location, however the player will still maintain his stats and owned Stones.


Each purchased square contains rewards in two forms:

  • $JADE tokens.

Right after purchasing a square the player will be rewarded with $JADE utilizing the following payout structure:

Payout Multipliers: [0.1, 2/3, 2, 3, 5, 8, 888]

Payout Probabilities ordered from lowest to highest multiplier:

[1.49922564e+05, 6.87461969e+05, 1.07510191e+05, 4.03898604e+04, 1.20883818e+04, 2.48493844e+03, 1.42095317e+02]

  • Jade Chests

Chests spawned in purchased hexagons contain different stones, following the probabilities in their description, but aren't immediately distributed to the player. Stones remain locked, until a third player who owns any square adjacent to any of the squares of the player who found the stone; claims them. In order to claim stones this third player must input a code provided by the player who found the stone. The player claiming obtains 10% of the rewards obtained, the owner receives 90%, this applies to all Stones except Jade Stone.

Types of Stones:

  1. Silver Stone Outputs direct $JADE rewards Chance of spawning = 1/48 squares Payouts:

  2. Gold Stone Outputs direct $JADE rewards Chance of spawning = 1/96 squares Payouts:

  3. Platinum Stone Outputs direct $JADE rewards Chance of spawning = 1/192 squares Payouts:

  4. Diamond Stone Outputs direct $JADE rewards Chance of spawning = 1/384 squares Payouts:

  5. Sun Stone Enables constant $JADE rewards for every 100 squares purchased Chance of spawning = 1/176 squares Payouts:

  6. Jade Stone Enables whitelisted access to presale. Chance of spawning = 1/24 squares.

  7. Moon Stone Outputs biggest $JADE reward Chance of spawning = 1/8,888 squares Payouts: 88,888 $JADE

That's all you need to know to play JadeLand!

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