Is JadeRoll secure?

We are in the process of being audited by leading blockchain security firms. All our contracts run publicly on the blockchain and have been thoroughly tested on Sepolia and Goerli testnet before mainnet deployment.

How can I get started with JadeRoll?

You need MetaMask. Get WETH on Base chain and then use Aerodrome to buy JADE. Once you have JADE, you can explore and play in JadeRoll's ecosystem.

Do I need to submit my ID to wager on casino games?

No. That would be against the purpose of a decentralized casino. The blockchain is accessible to everyone anywhere in the world without exceptions. To enjoy our games, simply connect your MetaMask to the site and play!

How does the casino make profit and maintain Jade Core Bankroll if you have 100% RTP games?

Jade Core bankroll is maintained by:

  1. Receiving a percentage of the current & upcoming profit that Jade Games generate.

  2. Receiving per block rewards as detailed on Jade Core Bankroll.

What are the main future plans for Jaderoll?

Growing and further decentralizing our ecosystem by adding new custom games, enabling Revenue Sharing functionalities, and launching an innovative VIP system via smart contracts.

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