Welcome to JadeRoll, world's first decentralized casino on BASE where YOU can bet with an edge.
  • Decentralized: Our contracts can be accessed and verified by anyone on the blockchain. All outcomes are provably fair and verifiable on-chain. There's no sign up nor deposit requirement into a centralized entity. Directly interact with our games on-chain.
  • Native deflationary token: For a minimum of 90 days, circulating supply (including LP tokens) gets reduced every block making our token constantly appreciate in value.
  • >100% RTP games: Some of our games will offer >100% RTP rates for a limited time when betting with our token. This means players will generate a positive return in the long run.
JadeRoll aims to offer a thrilling player experience like no other before by creating innovative games where loyal and early players can have an edge over the house. All of it within a fully secure, transparent and decentralized environment powered by a deflationary token.
Players from all over the world are welcome!
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